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Local Church and Growing Better

I've been thinking about this for some time...I found a video that addresses the role of the local church in growing like Christ.

Why can we not endure our lives?

The longer I live and serve God’s people, the more I witness how we have come to love formulas and quick fixes for life’s issues.  We probably aren’t any different from people of other ages.  Yet, for us, the good... Continue Reading →

Not as Children

Ahh…the Kingdom of Christ.  I’ve had the opportunity to interact with children who consider themselves kings.  (They live in our homes, attend our churches, play soccer together - you get the picture.)  They may know about discipline, authority and obedience;... Continue Reading →

God: Our Greatest Gift

Part II. Previously on 24...I was making the point that we all live with goals in life.  Those of us who believe in Christ include in our goals spiritual ones: less of this, more of that.  That we would put... Continue Reading →

God: Our Greatest Tool?

Part I. I was recently listening to a Christian radio station with my kids - safe for the whole family, you know - and the DJ was talking to his cohort about Lent.  As you may know, Lent is the... Continue Reading →

Brothers and Sisters II: Audience

We have a problem in our relationships.  If you're single, you've likely struggled with this problem.  If you're married, I could show you how you have the same issue. When it comes to relational intelligence, we stink.  I've mentioned several... Continue Reading →

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