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An Open Letter to Public Servants, Part I

Dear Public Servant, You have already been long embarked on a mission to bring a political agenda to the municipal, state or national stage.  This path seems sometimes long and always arduous.  As a political student, spectator and sometimes participant... Continue Reading →

Rules for Christian Blogs

We have all been to blogs that want to make us spit nails.  Sometimes, it's because the content makes us mad.  Other times, the blogger makes us mad.  In my work of pastoral ministry, I encourage people to adopt a... Continue Reading →

Relationships are not efficient

I recently returned from a missions trip to Hamburg, Germany.  What a marvelous trip; it is remarkable (though not surprising) to witness first hand and participate in what God is doing through the hamburgprojekt, a young church there.  With a... Continue Reading →

You with Us, We with You

I continue to be provoked by a discussion about parenting in light of eternity.  The affect it has had on me as a parent has been to clarify the things of parenting.  I will (and do!) still struggle in making... Continue Reading →

Brothers and Sisters II: Audience

We have a problem in our relationships.  If you're single, you've likely struggled with this problem.  If you're married, I could show you how you have the same issue. When it comes to relational intelligence, we stink.  I've mentioned several... Continue Reading →

Is this you? Why?

This morning I read the USA Today headline: Most religious groups in USA have lost ground, survey finds. Interesting.  Surely there are poorly managed denominations, others that believe strange things, still others that have storied histories. Then, I was browsing... Continue Reading →

What will we say?

Part of my morning ritual (as of late) is to spend time reading the Bible and then reading things written by some old dead guys.  I don't normally have this stuff laying around, I use the Free Grace Broadcaster.  I've... Continue Reading →

Don’t Vote Like a Dolt

This election, like others, is chock full of hazards.  Maybe this one is particularly significant given its uniqueness (black man, white woman, young man, old guy, etc...) however, the way that we should approach this election is unchanged. I've been... Continue Reading →

Christian Chicken

Every couple of months I get a publication, Discipleship Journal, that helpfully guides Bible study. It is a very practical and useful (and full!) publication. They've got this section of short takes or quotes, "Currents: Beliefs and Values in Today's... Continue Reading →

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