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Why can we not endure our lives?

The longer I live and serve God’s people, the more I witness how we have come to love formulas and quick fixes for life’s issues.  We probably aren’t any different from people of other ages.  Yet, for us, the good... Continue Reading →

Not as Children

Ahh…the Kingdom of Christ.  I’ve had the opportunity to interact with children who consider themselves kings.  (They live in our homes, attend our churches, play soccer together - you get the picture.)  They may know about discipline, authority and obedience;... Continue Reading →

Is this you? Why?

This morning I read the USA Today headline: Most religious groups in USA have lost ground, survey finds. Interesting.  Surely there are poorly managed denominations, others that believe strange things, still others that have storied histories. Then, I was browsing... Continue Reading →

Your inside voice, not your stadium voice

Do you know the differences between "inside voice" "outside voice" and "stadium voice"? I'll never forget when a good friend was teasing a high school boy - who was as loud as a DC-9 after lift off - he said,... Continue Reading →

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