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Local Church and Growing Better

I've been thinking about this for some time...I found a video that addresses the role of the local church in growing like Christ.

Unskewed Polls

Polls are advertising.  I have always wondered if it was possible to read polls and come to a reasonable conclusion about a matter.  You would think that in math, there's right and wrong and that's it; every math class I... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Public Servants, Part II

In the first part, I discussed the foundations of public service drawn from our Declaration of Independence and the principles found there.  I continue that discussion here. Self-evident truth.  Christianity is not self-evident, nor is any other religious system.  What... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Public Servants, Part I

Dear Public Servant, You have already been long embarked on a mission to bring a political agenda to the municipal, state or national stage.  This path seems sometimes long and always arduous.  As a political student, spectator and sometimes participant... Continue Reading →

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