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Relationships are not efficient

I recently returned from a missions trip to Hamburg, Germany.  What a marvelous trip; it is remarkable (though not surprising) to witness first hand and participate in what God is doing through the hamburgprojekt, a young church there.  With a... Continue Reading →

When Language Becomes Worthless

I've observed in the last few years a shift in our communication.  Now, I'm not so sure it's only been in the last few years (others would probably tell me it's been longer) but I have certainly noticed it as... Continue Reading →

Cultural Hangover

Not all of us have lived sanctified lives from the earliest moments.  I for one remember many years ago when a hangover was a popular topic (experience).  One time, a bunch of us young immortals settled into a discussion of... Continue Reading →

What’s the deal with polls, anyway?

A new poll is out today - found it on Drudge: Obama - 45%, McCain - 44%. (Check it out: Gallup daily poll.) This is part of an inane daily presidential tracking poll. There is a cultural fascination with things... Continue Reading →

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