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Reason #2: Why a Sinner Ought to Turn To God Without Delay

Richard Baxter does us a great service by first reminding us that to turn is to turn to the Blessed God.  We trust in Jesus Christ to save us, govern us, and deliver us.  We do not turn to a... Continue Reading →

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50 Reasons Why a Sinner Ought to Turn God Without Delay

I've been spending a lot of time reading the Puritans lately.  It has been so refreshing to learn more about them and learn more from them.  One of the things I learned is their tremendous heart for evangelism.  For them,... Continue Reading →

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Local Church and Growing Better

I've been thinking about this for some time...I found a video that addresses the role of the local church in growing like Christ.

An Open Letter to Public Servants, Part I

Dear Public Servant, You have already been long embarked on a mission to bring a political agenda to the municipal, state or national stage.  This path seems sometimes long and always arduous.  As a political student, spectator and sometimes participant... Continue Reading →

Fairness Meters In Our Heads…They’re On!

We all say, at some time in our lives, “that’s not fair!”  Parents can count on hearing this all the time from their children.  Even those who are the most obsessed about keeping their kids from uttering the words, like... Continue Reading →


You spend any time on the web (especially news sites like the Drudgereport) and you can begin to notice trends.  I've been noticing one here recently: mainstreaming. Let me illustrate.  Take a topic like waterboarding (not a nice topic, I... Continue Reading →

God: Our Greatest Gift

Part II. Previously on 24...I was making the point that we all live with goals in life.  Those of us who believe in Christ include in our goals spiritual ones: less of this, more of that.  That we would put... Continue Reading →

You with Us, We with You

I continue to be provoked by a discussion about parenting in light of eternity.  The affect it has had on me as a parent has been to clarify the things of parenting.  I will (and do!) still struggle in making... Continue Reading →

Do you know?

In our knowing, do we know? A problem may arise if we are not careful. It’s about “gospel.”  I’m afraid that in our knowing we might not know it.  This will look different for different people – at least initially.... Continue Reading →

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