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Chores! Evil necessity or Training Ground?

CHORES – A dreadful necessity or a teachable moment?  Every now and then it is helpful to remember just what we’re doing at home.  It is S-O-O-O easy to get lost in the 10,000 little moments at home: meals, dust-bunnies,... Continue Reading →

Relationships are not efficient

I recently returned from a missions trip to Hamburg, Germany.  What a marvelous trip; it is remarkable (though not surprising) to witness first hand and participate in what God is doing through the hamburgprojekt, a young church there.  With a... Continue Reading →

The Boy goes to a Camp

The Son went to a short, weekend camping trip with his daddy and the Webelos Den.  We stayed local (mostly) for this trip.  In order to complete one of his Webelos badge requirements, I asked him to answer questions about... Continue Reading →

What will we say?

Part of my morning ritual (as of late) is to spend time reading the Bible and then reading things written by some old dead guys.  I don't normally have this stuff laying around, I use the Free Grace Broadcaster.  I've... Continue Reading →

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