The Boy goes to a Camp

The Son went to a short, weekend camping trip with his daddy and the Webelos Den.  We stayed local (mostly) for this trip.  In order to complete one of his Webelos badge requirements, I asked him to answer questions about his recent time on the camping trip.

What did you think Camp was going to be like?  Smaller, I thought there weren’t going to be Boy Scouts there, thought it would be closer to home

What surprised you about Camp?  The hike

What hike?  The 5-mile hike (on Saturday)

Why did the hike surprise you? Because it was harder than I thought it would be

What happened at Camp that you thought would happen?  Kids got tired

What parts of Camp would you change if you could do it again?  Nothing, really; an easier hike

What were the good parts of Camp?  Building a fire, spying on the Boy Scouts, breakfast food (especially the cinnamon buns!; the Bird’s Nests looked good for next time), setting up the tent, sleeping in the tent; scaring the Boy Scouts

Did you pack the correct stuff?  Mostly, I would’ve brought a different flashlight; it wasn’t bright enough

What was the best part about the Camp?  Nighttime hot chocolate, apple cider, spied on the Boy Scouts and played war

Do you hope that your den will do this again?  Yes!

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