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Don’t Vote Like a Dolt

This election, like others, is chock full of hazards.  Maybe this one is particularly significant given its uniqueness (black man, white woman, young man, old guy, etc...) however, the way that we should approach this election is unchanged. I've been... Continue Reading →

Coronations and Considerations

I wonder how many have been watching the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  It started on the 25th and tonight will likely draw the most watchers yet (Obama is going to do his thing).  During these conventions and campaigns people... Continue Reading →

What’s the deal with polls, anyway?

A new poll is out today - found it on Drudge: Obama - 45%, McCain - 44%. (Check it out: Gallup daily poll.) This is part of an inane daily presidential tracking poll. There is a cultural fascination with things... Continue Reading →

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