Reason #6: Why a Sinner Ought to Turn To God without Delay

This weekend in morning worship, we looked at the concept of “foolishness.”  There are things that we all consider foolish – but no one has the same list.  Inside Christendom we have a unified list of what is foolish; of course, outside Christendom, there’s another list.  Among the former we’d place sexual promiscuity of all types; among the latter, abstinence.  So, logger heads is inevitable at some point.

One of those areas of inside – outside disagreement would be about the personal enemy of God and His people, the Devil.  Inside, we know he’s real, fierce and relentless.  Outside, he’s a suped-up evil villian from a superhero comic strip.  Even gross wickedness outside Christendom the preference would be to attribute mental illness than to supernatural evil.  Richard Baxter reminds all who would listen that to disbelieve in a personal enemy of all mankind is to bury your head in the sand.

Moreover, your delaying gives great advantage to the Tempter.  If you would presently turn and forsake your sins, and enter into a faithful covenant with God, the devil would be almost out of hope and the very heart of his temptations would be broken….But, as long as you delay, you keep him in heart and hope; he has time to strengthen his prison and fetters and to renew his snares; and if one temptation serve him not, has time to try another and another; as if you would stand as a mark for Satan to shoot at as long as he pleases.

It is a well-known and well-worn trick of the Adversary to convince people that he really doesn’t exist and he really is no threat.  It is folly to believe him.  Turn to God immediately and live.

Pastor Gabe

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