Reason #7: Why a Sinner ought to Turn to God without Delay

Feel the Heat.  Ever wondered where that phrase came from: “feel the heat”?  This is one of several we have in English that capture the same sentiment.  What about “hot as hell” or “snowball’s chance in hell”?  Like “feel the heat,” these are undoubtedly of Christian origin.  There’s something in us that recognizes that these phrases have a real place in our thinking – or they should.

For a Christian, “heat” equals God’s judgment.  We could be talking either about some kind of temporal pressure (that often makes us sweat!) or the final judgment for all that we’ve done in this life.  The heat of God’s anger at sin or the pictures of hell’s heat in the Bible are reserved for those who look at God’s extraordinary gift of His Son with disdain.

There’s only one way to avoid the hot displeasure of God and the hopeless torment of hell: believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yet, to fail to do so, is serious.  Here’s what Baxter says:

Your delaying is a vile abuse of Christ and the Holy Ghost, and may so far provoke Him to leave you to yourself, and then your are past help.  If you delight so to trample on your crucified Lord and will so long put Him to it by refusing His grace and grieving His Spirit, what can you expect but that he should turn away in wrath and utterly forsake you.

Implicitly we know that if we had a wonderful benefactor who made a stupendous offer to us in this life that we regularly and scornfully ignored, he would be right to remove his offer.  Where does that impulse come from?

Do not delay, turn to Christ and live.

Pastor Gabe

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