Reason #5: Why a Sinner Ought to Turn to God without Delay

Randy Alcorn is the author of a book titled, “The Treasure Principle.”  The book is about how Christians use their money in such a way that investments they make now might reap rewards in heaven.  He has several “keys” in his book and one that I considered very recently is “Live for the line, not the dot.”  The line is the ray that extends from the moment of our death forever; the dot is our time here in this life.  Dot Life will one day fade into Line Life.  But Dot Life is always at a crossroads: which line will be our forever line?  Choose now so that when the mystery of death unfolds upon us, we will be certain as to the outcome.

Richard Baxter reminds us today that all who have not made the choice to follow Christ now while living in the Dot, are making their choice about which line will be theirs forever:

Do you think you stand in a safe condition?  If you knew where you are, you would sit as upon thorns as long as you are unconverted; you would be as a man that stood up to the knees in the sea and saw the tide coming towards him who certainly would think that there is no standing still in such a place.  You have all your sin unpardoned; you are under the curse of the law; the wrath of God is upon you and the fulness of it hangs over your heads; judgment is coming to pass upon you the dreadful doom; the Lord is at hand; death is at the door and waits but for the word from the mouth of God that it may arrest you and bring you to everlasting misery: and is this a state for a man to continue in?

We are foolish who believe that we command our destinies – for which of us can choose the time and place of our deaths?  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate evidence of our own command of our lives?  Yet, none chooses what God has set already.  Therefore, do not delay but turn to Christ.

Pastor Gabe

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