Full Disclosure

What did that title provoke in you? “Full disclosure” here means I’m going to tell you about me and why I’m blogging. It also means we’re going to strive together to unearth and reveal what is going on in our world. Why? One author has said “revelation is required for relationship” – in other words, to know you have to know. Forget change if ignorance is your goal.

Let’s begin – first, we live in a bent world. That means things are not as they should be. It doesn’t take IVY league education to observe that truth, does it? But, neither is observation enough. How do I know? Disclosure #2.

Second, I’m a Christian pastor. That means I have both a perspective and a motive to blog. My perspective is that we live in a bent world where things are not as they should be and there’s a way out. My motive is to ask you to consider what a “straight” world looks like, feels like – is like – and then go there.

Hopefully some of you are already aware of the bent nature of this world. Maybe. It’s not just that things go wrong but that they ARE wrong. In the church we say we sin because we are sinners. Some things happen because some things are. There’s something inherently bent in our world. It wasn’t always that way, but it is certainly that way now. You don’t have to be a Christian to come to that conclusion, but you do have to be to enjoy the solution. Full disclosure, remember?

Many are bent people in a bent world. I once had a friend who used to tell people to “get bent” – ha! Now, you may know what that means and I’m not going to tell you here. But, the fact of the matter is that it takes no work to get that way and too much work to change. Still, change is possible and it starts with revelation – knowing.

Third, this blog is about our world views. What’s that? It is what you think or conclude when you look at yourself, the world and the future. Chances are your view is bent – mine is (though not totally).

Finally, as you can see, this blog is about the concrete, the real, what is. We like to think that we’re nuanced in our thoughts and beliefs. Maybe we are, but we’re certainly not in our living. How well did you tolerate my assertion that your views are probably bent? Did you like it?

Nonetheless, disclosure 2 is very relevant for all these things. I have a perspective that I will support from the Book of Truth. My motive is that you’d see things as they really are and then as they can be. I’m in that process not at its end (else, I’d be sending this note to you from heaven).

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