A Starting Point: Self

Bent means “not straight.” It means “wrong.” Or “messed up.” Even “off course.”

In my line of work I spend a great deal of time with people who can very well describe the experience of being “off course.” They don’t do so for me to enjoy the ride – they hate it! Rather so that I can help them on the journey.

What is a Bent World? Here’s one definition. Watch:

Can we say Bernays or Freud is solely responsible? No. Is it true that we have “all consuming selfish desires”? Who would dispute that selfishness exists and it is a terrible thing. Does that really matter? What does selfishness look like?

“Bent World” takes aim at this selfishness. I write as a selfish person, in a selfish family, among selfish co-workers, in a selfish country. In some sense such admissions provide starting points for anything different. Surely selfishness is a very pleasant country and who would want to leave, right?

You know you want to leave. Leaving and staying gone is what this is all about.