Christian Chicken

Every couple of months I get a publication, Discipleship Journal, that helpfully guides Bible study. It is a very practical and useful (and full!) publication. They’ve got this section of short takes or quotes, “Currents: Beliefs and Values in Today’s Societies.” This is where I read about Christian Chicken.

Chicken on the way to Chicken Church

As a Christian, I tend to think of myself as “purposely avoided” by non-Christians. In other words, if I think of myself as anathema to someone, it makes it easy for me to avoid them. If I’m avoiding them, well, then I’m safe. No? Well, here’s what I learned today about this fact:

75% of non-Christians “would be willing to listen to someone talk about his or her Christian beliefs”

78% of non-Christians “would enjoy an honest conversation with a friend about religious and spiritual beliefs, even if they disagreed with the friend”

28% of non-Christians “think the Christians they know talk to them too much about their beliefs”


OK, some observations. First, this proves the existence of Christian Chicken. How many Christians do you know who actually share their belief in Jesus Christ with others? How often do you do it? This silly survey shows us that there is no reason for us to refrain from sharing good news except that we’re flat out chicken.

Secondly, this also proves that Christian Chicken stinks. I know you’ve had the experience of opening a package of rotten or rotting Chicken – it is almost unforgettable. It stinks; it’s bad; it will make you sick; it is sick. Christian Chicken stinks in this same way. God Himself has told us that there is no reason to be chicken. Now, if my son told me that there’s no reason to be chicken that’s one thing, but for God to do so should mean something completely different for me. But, it usually doesn’t. That stinks.

Why would we assume that God didn’t prepare people to hear the best news they could ever hear? It’s not as if you’re about to tell someone they’ve got something hanging from their nose.

Lastly, Christian Chicken gives Christian a bad name. I wonder how many people look at Christian Chickens and think to themselves, “what they believe mustn’t really be that significant – they don’t really tell anyone about it.” Of course, that is to say that Christ’s leaving paradise to come to a desert, live perfectly, die because of the wrongdoing of others – in their place, and rise again is also insignificant.