50 Reasons Why a Sinner Ought to Turn God Without Delay

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading the Puritans lately.  It has been so refreshing to learn more about them and learn more from them.  One of the things I learned is their tremendous heart for evangelism.  For them, gospel-sharing was what they did every time they mounted the pulpit to deliver God’s word.  They knew what we’ve perhaps forgotten: the gospel is the power of God for salvation and preaching was the main vehicle to deliver it.  Of course, now, we have so many delivery vehicles for sharing the redeeming love of Christ that we are richly blessed.  This blog serves as one of those venues (and the links to Facebook and Twitter…).

Richard Baxter

When I browsed Richard Baxter’s many works I came across one titled “Fifty Reasons Why a Sinner Ought to Turn to God.”  As expected, they are common sense, varied, rich, penetrating and useful.  I hope to share one each time I blog on this topic believing that as I do I’d be reminded of the greatness of being a son of God and that maybe a reader would find the same.

Reason 1:  “Consider to whom it is that you are commanded to turn; and then tell me whether there can be any reason for delay.  It is not to an empty deceitful creature, but to the faithful all-sufficient God; to Him that is the cause of all things; the strength of creation; the joy of angels; the felicity of the saints; the sun and shield of all the righteous; the refuge of the distressed; and the glory of the whole world….Why, man, you are every minute at his mercy.  And yet you do delay?  There are all things imaginable in him to draw you.  There is nothing that is good for you but it is perfectly in Him where you may have it certain and perpetual.  There is nothing in Him to give the least discouragement.”

Do not delay: turn to Christ.

Pastor Gabe


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