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Death Prepper

Close to our home we had a "prepper" store.  I don't know much about them.  I hear the "prepper" ads on the radio from time to time.  They warn of the impending end of our society and our country; they... Continue Reading →

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The God I serve is a God of Love…

"God loves me unconditionally.  He doesn't stand over me just waiting to pounce on my every sin.  Especially when it come to my same-sex attraction and the occasional sex I have." "We've talked about the 'God made me gay' thing. ... Continue Reading →

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It’s Not Fair: Part 2

The rub for many people on the issue of same sex attraction (SSA) or homosexual activity isn't personal.  In other words, in some places and circumstances, folks don't understand all the fuss.  The statistics indicate those living in homosexuality is... Continue Reading →

"God made me this way." "No, He really didn't." "So, I'm supposed to deny these feelings and act like they don't exist?  I have struggled with this attraction my whole life; as long as I can remember.  I've finally realized... Continue Reading →

I've been reading several books on this hot cultural topic of homosexuality.  I overheard a man recently say something like, "Homosexuals make up between 2-4% of the population and there are less than 170,000 same sex unions in the nation... Continue Reading →

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I am….lost?

"I am [insert abbreviation or acronym]."  How we fill in that blank has radically changed over the years.  Two hundred plus years ago it was, "I am an American."  One hundred and fifty years ago it was, "I am from... Continue Reading →

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Mediocrity is not Godly

The Chap Factor

I troll through radio stations like I do websites – especially news stations.  There are times when a little NPR fits my mood (like when I have  to hear Diane Rhem’s voice) and other times when Rush Limbaugh suits me.  I was tuned into Rush the other day and he was discussing a piece that he read on NPR’s website, “Why Millennials are Ditching Cars and Redefining Ownership.”  As an owner of a very large, diesel long bed crew cab truck, I was intrigued (though I am no millennial…).

The article drives through the challenges of life in L.A. including the on-ramp of a life of vocation and the difficulty found there.  The personal focus of the article was on young up-and-comers.  Seated a couple of Generations ahead of these folks, it was easy to see that the millennials are v-e-r-y different than previous generations (they more often…

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Reasons for Giving Reasons that a Sinner Ought to Turn to God without Delay

I have spent many weeks giving Richard Baxter's (1615-1691) reasons for calling sinners to turn to God without delay (and we're not finished!).  He believed it important to lay out the reasons to believe in Christ to men and women... Continue Reading →

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Reason #15: Why a Sinner Ought to Turn to God Without Delay

Have you ever asked a person an important question that required a response?  Not like a text or a tweet or a Facebook message or even an email...but a significant question of profound import that affected you and your decisions? ... Continue Reading →

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