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The boy doesn’t…pay back evil for evil

Who is good enough for my daughter?  Parents regularly say that only those "good enough" can date or marry our children, right?  I wonder if most of us have figured out what that means before it's too late (e.g., bubba... Continue Reading →

The boy has…courage

"He will grow out of "goofy" by it is hard to grow into courage."  A while back I wrote a post titled, "Look who's at the door for my daughter..." because my oldest daughter is old enough to notice and... Continue Reading →

The Day of Small Pains

We don't often have a good handle on context.  When we read stories, we forget where we have been and facts start to blend into a meaningless background.  We spout off with some kind of uber-inappropriate word or phrase because... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To All Who Might Win in November’s Elections

Dear Public Servant, You have already been long embarked on a mission to bring a political agenda to the municipal, state or national stage.  This path seems sometimes long and always arduous.  As a political student, spectator and sometimes participant... Continue Reading →

Take a Closer Look

Have you ever noticed what you never notice?  Or see what you normally pass right over?  This sometimes happens to me when I look closely at words.  Like “kneel.”  If you look closely, you’ll see a really strange combination of... Continue Reading →

Gospel and Whirlybird’s

The King and the Whirlybird Over the last few weeks, as you know, I've been teaching about the gospel: Christ for us, us in Him; Him in us and us living for Him.  I have suggested that dwelling on the... Continue Reading →

God: Our Greatest Gift

Part II. Previously on 24...I was making the point that we all live with goals in life.  Those of us who believe in Christ include in our goals spiritual ones: less of this, more of that.  That we would put... Continue Reading →

God: Our Greatest Tool?

Part I. I was recently listening to a Christian radio station with my kids - safe for the whole family, you know - and the DJ was talking to his cohort about Lent.  As you may know, Lent is the... Continue Reading →

Sooo…college is it?

The Bible says many things about many things.  It seems reasonable to believe that all the eternally important things ARE in the Bible.  The rest, though meaningful, is not in the same category of importance.  I have interacted with many... Continue Reading →

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