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What if the boy is not too cute?

We've covered some good moral, ethical and spiritual ground in figuring out the "qualifications" of a young suitor. These are by far the most pressing issues especially in light of the culture where cranking out solid young men is not... Continue Reading →

Unequaled Greatness

I don't make it habit to embed things in this space.  I really don't do that with sermons.  This, however, is a short (8 min.) talk about the greatness of Christ and why we cannot turn from Him.

The boy is…thankful

Thanksgiving!  Thank God!  It is a simple blessing of God that He would ensure a season of giving thanks remains in our otherwise spiritually-neutered and exhausting annual calendars.  Although the calendar around this time is really busy in my circles,... Continue Reading →

The boy doesn’t…pay back evil for evil

Who is good enough for my daughter?  Parents regularly say that only those "good enough" can date or marry our children, right?  I wonder if most of us have figured out what that means before it's too late (e.g., bubba... Continue Reading →

The boy has…courage

"He will grow out of "goofy" by it is hard to grow into courage."  A while back I wrote a post titled, "Look who's at the door for my daughter..." because my oldest daughter is old enough to notice and... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To All Who Might Win in November’s Elections

Dear Public Servant, You have already been long embarked on a mission to bring a political agenda to the municipal, state or national stage.  This path seems sometimes long and always arduous.  As a political student, spectator and sometimes participant... Continue Reading →

Take a Closer Look

Have you ever noticed what you never notice?  Or see what you normally pass right over?  This sometimes happens to me when I look closely at words.  Like “kneel.”  If you look closely, you’ll see a really strange combination of... Continue Reading →

Gospel and Whirlybird’s

The King and the Whirlybird Over the last few weeks, as you know, I've been teaching about the gospel: Christ for us, us in Him; Him in us and us living for Him.  I have suggested that dwelling on the... Continue Reading →

You won’t like this: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

I am doing some writing for a curriculum for young adults who are thinking about marriage.  Naturally (for me) K-I-S-S-I-N-G came up!  And I found a very interesting quote: Sexuality touches every area of human life; even something as simple... Continue Reading →

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