Reason #18 That You Should Turn to Jesus Christ

[There really are a lot of good reasons to do so.]

My son, who has now developed a clever sort of humor, will hijack someone’s sentence with a phrase that includes words like “whole,” “enough” or “entire.”  It usually goes something like this:

[Other child] “Dad how long will it take us to get to Trader Joe’s?”

[Son before Dad answers] “The whole time.”

[Other child] “Daaad!  Well, once we get there, how long will we stay there?”

[Son, again, before Dad answers] “The entire time.”

And so it goes.  Funny guy, right?

As I was looking at Baxter’s 18th reason for someone who does not believe in the Lord Jesus to do so, I thought of this: we only have a certain amount of time and once it’s finished, it’s finished.  We don’t have less than we need or more than we need.  We have the “whole” and “entire” time we need.

In the end, when our allotted time has expired (which it will do sooner or later), we cannot complain to God that we did not have enough time to consider the claims of Christ and turn to Him.

Here’s Baxter:

Consider also that God has given you no time to spare.  He has not lent you one day or hour more than is needful for the work that you have to do; therefore you have no reason to lose any by your delays.  Do you imagine that God would give a man an hour’s time for nothing?  Much less to abuse Him and serve His enemy?  No, let me tell you, that if you make your best of every hour, if you should never lose a moment of your lives, you would find all little enough for the work you have to do….What hearts have they, what lives do those men lead that think time long?

We are accustomed to (what we think is) the inevitability of tomorrow.  Few of us believe that tomorrow will be denied to us; so we think and act as if there are some decisions that we can put off until then.

Do you really think your eternity-in-the-balance is one of those?

The time is now to believe in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Gabe

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