Reason #16: Are you Delayed in Turning to God?

Delays are inevitable.  Travelers know too well what it’s like to arrive in time at the airport, sail through ticketing and then get slammed at the TSA line!  Or, you have a project assigned to you that requires a team of people who each have parts on the critical path and one person just can’t seem to deliver so…BOOM!  Delay.

This is all understandable.  But, what keeps you from turning to God?  What keeps you from putting your life in the hands of Jesus Christ?  Why would you delay at doing that?

Richard Baxter warns what may happen should you choose to wait to believe instead of just believing:

Do but consider, what will become of you if you be found in these delays?  You are then lost, body and soul forever.  Now if you had but hearts to know what is good for you the worst of you might be converted and saved; for God does freely offer you his grace.  But if you die in your delays, in the twinkling of an eye you will find yourselves utterly undone forever.

People don’t talk like that about hardly anything!  That’s normally because results from our typical delays do subside.  Consequences exhaust themselves and eventually give way to distant memories.

Delaying to agree with God that sin makes us condemned and then turning to Him who freely offers pardon means at some point, the end result will never end.

Do not delay in coming to Christ.  None has ever been turned away who has.

Pastor Gabe

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