Mediocrity is not Godly

The Chap Factor

I troll through radio stations like I do websites – especially news stations.  There are times when a little NPR fits my mood (like when I have  to hear Diane Rhem’s voice) and other times when Rush Limbaugh suits me.  I was tuned into Rush the other day and he was discussing a piece that he read on NPR’s website, “Why Millennials are Ditching Cars and Redefining Ownership.”  As an owner of a very large, diesel long bed crew cab truck, I was intrigued (though I am no millennial…).

The article drives through the challenges of life in L.A. including the on-ramp of a life of vocation and the difficulty found there.  The personal focus of the article was on young up-and-comers.  Seated a couple of Generations ahead of these folks, it was easy to see that the millennials are v-e-r-y different than previous generations (they more often…

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