Reason #13: Why a Sinner Ought to Turn to God without Delay

What if you did something today that jeopardized tomorrow?  Would you do it?

“Maybe”?  Americans are masterful at cost-benefit analysis and so surely there are some among us who would judge today’s benefit to be worth tomorrow’s jeopardy.  In small things living in the effect of yesterday’s gambles causes little discomfort – some, but it’s manageable.  There are those times of great regret, however.  We judged something to be “essential” or “must have” or “entitlement” and we went for it!  Age and the pains of life taught us we were stupid.

Are you spiritually stupid?

Are you willing to risk a little more of self-centered living today believing that tomorrow you’ll take a Tylenol and the headache will go away?  Or, that God will suffer another day of being put off (“He’s patient and loving”)?  But what if tonight your soul will be required of you?  What if you open your eyes and find yourself in a cold, alone-place devoid of sound, heat or the brightness of light?  What if the only furniture in that landscape is a judgment seat directly in front of you?  Is today’s folly worth that risk?

Don’t be stupid.  You know the darkness in your own soul – you live to fill it every day.  And every day you spend your time and energy believing that it’s filled.  But then you wake in the morning and it’s empty.  Again…

Is your everlasting happiness a matter to be willfully hazarded by causeless and unreasonable delays?  If you delay today you are utterly uncertain of living till tomorrow.  If you put by this one motion you know not whether ever you may have another.  You know not whether ever the Spirit of God will put another thought of turning into your hearts or at least whether he will incline you hearts to turn.

Why don’t you turn to Jesus Christ in humility and with hope?  Do you think He will turn away from you?  He will certainly not.

Pastor Gabe

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