Reason #9: Why a Sinner Ought to Turn to God without Delay

What is the cumulative effect of procrastination?  Apathy?  Antipathy?  I think the latter.  Baxter’s comment today has to do with what happens when a person refuses to forsake his sin today believing that there’s more time tomorrow.

The longer you stay [away from  Christ] the harder it will be.  If it be hard today, it is like to be harder tomorrow.  For as the Spirit of Christ is like to forsake you for your willful delays, so custom will strengthen sin; and custom in sinning will harden you hearts and make you “past feeling to work all uncleanness with greediness.

Isn’t it true that what you procrastinate and put-off today, gets harder to do tomorrow?

Every moment I fail to do a thing is an investment in the bank of antipathy: I can’t morphs into I won’t.  And, as long as I won’t, that drive gets stronger day-by-day.  For what is good enough to put-off, can get put-down or put-away (e.g., New Year’s Resolutions).

Man is a remarkable creature in that through his gifts of sense, he would disregard the clear and urgent call of his Maker to repent and believe and be set free.

Do not put-off today what you may not find tomorrow.

Pastor Gabe

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