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Friends, the latest audio from our study of Gospel Powered Parenting is uploaded here and at iTunes (Bentworld Broadcast)!

Also, class notes for all the lessons studies so far are at the following address:

Gospel Powered Parenting Class Notes There is often a good bit of material that we cannot cover in class – look here and you’ll see what that is!


2 thoughts on “Latest and Greatest!

  • Rev. Sylvia, I wanted to pass this on to my sons as they begin their family but I am unable to clearly determine what the final goal of child rearing is. I have only studied Chapter 1 and 2 in your notes, but I would have expected this to be first.
    You noted in the introduction that we must have a goal, clearly defined, so that we know if we are on the right road. I was never able to determine what that goal is. There were things to avoid and ways to avoid. There were some allusions to possible goals but none clearly stated. Can you clarify?
    In Christ, CVM
    PS I see Ephesians 6:4 mentioned and I would add 1 Cor 13:11 but neither were clearly expounded in the notes as to their importance.

    • CVM, if you look at my next section of notes on our church’s website (young adult’s page, Sunday school notes section) you’ll see I get into more of the goal type discussion. As you progress through the book (and I’d highly recommend your sons get the book, listen to the podcasts, etc.) you’ll see that the author points us to the goals of new birth in our children as THE goal of parenting. Of course there are other contributing goals that fall out of that (husband, father, God-glorifying worker, etc) but they are secondary and subsequent to the parenting goal of presenting Christ regularly and consistently to our children so they might be prepared for judgment day. It’s not a matter of this-or-that goal, rather of prioritizing.


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