The Warehouse Grows

Here are links to more stories that stick in the gut.  You know how after someone special in the house makes Christmas cookie dough and presses it into those shapes and then leaves the “presser” in the sink to clean?  Well, pick one of those up, unscrew the lid and put that cookie dough in your belly.  You know what you get?  A gut-bomb. You know it’s there and you can’t do anything about it except hope that the raw egg in it doesn’t make you puke.

Ben Nelson – Vote for Sale: SOLD

Chris Dodd – Vote for Sale: SOLD

Mary Landreaux – Vote for Sale: SOLD

The way to pass health care, I guess

It’s probably a good thing that I’m not a mathematician or I’d press into just how much money this health care bill is going to cost and when.  I do know this, that once it is signed, taxes will go up.  Once it is signed, Medicare benefits will go down and premiums will go up:

The Proof in the Pudding

I’ve tried to pinpoint just what it is about all of this that is so unnerving.  Maybe foremost is the secrecy and bribery.  Next would be absent-mindedness of spending so much money.  Also, the way it seems as if the folks in D.C. don’t realize that we have to cash the checks they write.  Funny thing about that is they increase the debt limit, spend more than ever before and still raise our taxes.  It’s almost as if the SOP up there is “spend it now, when the punishing effects kick in I’ll be dead or out of office.”

Who is thinking about the future?

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