I live in Bickerville. My wife and I moved there about 17 years ago. Over time, Bickerville has grown in population by 5. That’s a really small town, right? Bickerville is special, though. Nothing about it seems small. It seems like there’s a very loud town fair every night that ends late. Court’s always in session with one of the recent residents arguing his or her case against another resident. I’m the Mayor, by the way. Every now and then my wife (the Chief of Police) and I got to court to make our own case against the other. Whenever we do, the whole town comes out to watch. It’s a very lively place.

Bickerville is private; you won’t find it on any map. But, unlike Atlantis, it’s real.

A Friend of ours lives in town at the Inn (not sure why He doesn’t buy a house; says the Inn is fine with Him). He will frequently stop by. When He does, He usually reminds us that Bickerville needs reform. I’m the Mayor, by the way, and sometimes I don’t take too kindly to my Friend and His observations. He’s frequently persuasive, though. Reform is tough. I mean, I’m ALL ABOUT IT, but sometimes my Chief of Police puts up a fight or the residents (they’re snarky) pitch fits. ‘Course, if you talk to the Chief, she’d say I’m snarky. But, I’m the Mayor (that’s what I tell myself).

Life in Bickerville can be tough. Especially when all of us storm the court to make our case against another. We do find that when we listen to our Friend and He mentions other towns – we like those stories. Still, Bickerville is familiar to us and those towns sound far away. One time, He took me with Him to one of them – it was amazing. I told the Chief about it and she thought it was cool as well. One time, we were all convinced that one of those towns could be our home – so we all moved!

When we got there, we found out that it was called: Bickerville. Strange.  My Friend did live in the inn there, though. I was glad.