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Fear, Blessing and Contentment

Fear and Contentment If you tune into the weather today, you’ll no doubt notice that our country’s eastern seaboard mid-section is about to get creamed again by another snow storm.  Weather is always one of those things that raises everyone’s... Continue Reading →

Gospel Powered Parenting – audio file uploaded!

Friends, the latest lecture has been uploaded to the Gospel Parenting page - check it out! You can also go to our website for the lecture notes! Grace to you!

Gospel Parenting Lesson 3 – Uploaded

Check it out! Parent for the Day of Judgment!

Gospel Parenting Lesson 2 – Uploaded

Friends, you can listen to or download lesson 2 of our study of the book Gospel Powered Parenting.  Go to that page on this blog "Gospel Parenting" and look for lesson 2! Grace to you.

New Page on this Blog: Gospel Parenting

Now that we've started teaching through Gospel Powered Parenting by William Farley, I have linked to mp3 recordings of my lecture notes.  They can be found on the new page on this blog: Gospel Parenting. I will be linking to... Continue Reading →

Warehouse of Outrageousness

This is not a Christmas post.  Although, its timing is curious.  Just as I've been examining and writing about Christmas symbolism, there has been so much going on in our culture.  On the one hand, genuine and pure, humble and... Continue Reading →

Young Adult Opinions

I found these two videos - they're not too short, but interesting.  First, a bunch of guys and then girls. Sounds complicated.

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