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And legs and mind and soul all to God!  In Romans 12, Paul begins to apply the great Trinitarian work of God to those who claim to follow Him.  Here is the audio file from our discussion last week.

Last week, we studied Romans 11.  Here is the audio file for all who wish to hear. Pastor Gabe

My friends, recently we hosted a parenting panel forum at our church.  We invited our elders and their wives to share advice on several aspects of parenting. Each of them has raised their children to know and follow Christ and... Continue Reading →

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I was recently sharing with a large group of young mothers how we mistakenly believe the "big" parenting events are the "big" parenting events.  In other words, it's the incidental "important" moments as parents that leave the real mark on... Continue Reading →

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Click...and be saved

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Reason #18 That You Should Turn to Jesus Christ

[There really are a lot of good reasons to do so.] My son, who has now developed a clever sort of humor, will hijack someone's sentence with a phrase that includes words like "whole," "enough" or "entire."  It usually goes... Continue Reading →

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Time keeps on slipping…

"Slipping, slipping, into the future...."  You might know song?  Steve Miller band penned these words in their hit song, "Fly Like an Eagle."  Anyone of some age looks back on his life and finds those moments when he should've, could've... Continue Reading →

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Reason #16: Are you Delayed in Turning to God?

Delays are inevitable.  Travelers know too well what it's like to arrive in time at the airport, sail through ticketing and then get slammed at the TSA line!  Or, you have a project assigned to you that requires a team... Continue Reading →

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Death Prepper

Close to our home we had a "prepper" store.  I don't know much about them.  I hear the "prepper" ads on the radio from time to time.  They warn of the impending end of our society and our country; they... Continue Reading →

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