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“White Privilege” or Majority Population?

In the late 1990's many of the highly charged terms we use to describe each other weren't around.  "Racist" was about as descriptive as it got.  This struck home with me as I was in a graduate school class called... Continue Reading →

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Tell me about: Hope

Everyday I am confronted by "hope."  Sure, I "hope" my car starts or I "hope" the air conditioning in my office is working when I arrive or I "hope" I have time to write a sermon.  That's probably the more... Continue Reading →

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What’s “normal”?

If you ask 10 teenagers to define "normal" you'd probably wonder if alien life forms are actually walking among us.  Seriously: you might get ten different looks, ten different variations of the word, "uh," and ten different answers.  They would... Continue Reading →

New years are gifts.  A year seems to climb reaching its pinnacle somewhere during the Christmas season for most.  Once that vista is reached, thoughts move to the descent, "What's this year going to be like?  Well, whatever it will... Continue Reading →

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There is no doubt that Bible believers will find Romans 13:1-7 a challenging text - particularly in this election season.  In the audio file here, we review the command to submit to the governing authorities, the two reasons Paul gives... Continue Reading →

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